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The International Writers Guest House in Stockholm.

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All Danish writers, translators or illustrators are eligible to apply for residencies at The Danish Writers and Translators Centre in Hald.

Writer's Residences in Scandinavia


The International Writers Guest House
On Drottninggatan 88 B, in the center of Stockholm, lies Författarnas Internationella Gästhem. It is primarily a space for housing foreign writers visiting Sweden, but when rooms are vacant, it can also be used by members of the Swedish Union of Playwrights. The rent is 600 Swedish Crowns per night. There are three newly refurbished rooms, a common room, a small kitchen and a terrace. Ring Rod Bradbury, +46 70 292 1035 for bookings.

The Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators
BCWT is located in the medieval walled city Visby on the island of Gotland, and offers free rooms to writers and translators when space is available. Applications can be downloaded from Click first "about us" and then "application".

Writer's refuge on Adelsö
Inspired by writer's residences in other countries, Union of Playwrights member Beryl Kornhill has transformed her villa into an unconventional refuge for writers. Here, one can seclude oneself for a time in a small writer's cell, sharing facilities such as kitchen, bathrooms, large living room with lake view, veranda and a cozy garden. A fifteen- kilometer hiking path passes the property. One can ice skate during the winter and swim or cycle during summer months. It is close to the Viking archeological site of Birka, to rune stones, churches from the Middle Ages, and beautiful castle grounds. There is a boat slip for anyone coming by water and the locality offers a couple of pubs or restaurants. From Bromma, a northwestern suburb of Stockholm, it's a forty -minute bus ride followed by a five-minute ferry crossing. Information is available on the Internet at or by telephone +46 70 755 4277. There is information on Adelsö at

Artist's House in Alböke
The Artists House close to the sea in Alböke and bordering Alvaret, a rare and wonderful natural environment, rents apartments to artists and their relatives on the island of Öland. There is an atelier, a graphics workshop and a large living room with fireplace. There are special low prices for people organizing workshops and stays during the low season. For information and to book, call Lars Westman. Daytime: +46 31 3275525, evenings: +46 520 661506 or cell phone +46 73 9803365.

Ricklundgården in Marsfjäll
Ricklundgården houses two ateliers available to artists. Though traditionally a place of refuge for visual artists, the residence is open to all persons in the creative fields. The rent is 650 Swedish Crowns per week. Applications for each coming year must be made before the 1st of September. Information on Ricklundgården can be found at:

Pensionat in Älvdalen
Ingela Norlin and Gerhard Flink, both authors, took over a hostel in Älvdalen, Dalarna, about forty kilometers North of Mora. "The gateway to the wilderness" according to the host couple, "with rivers, wide forests and live bears!" Summertime and during the winter sports holidays is high season, but the rest of the year writers are welcome to use the facilities for a mere 700 Swedish Crowns per week or 2,400 SEK per month. Here one has also the possibility to order breakfast, lunch and dinner. For more information check out their website.


Fanö Skepparhus
Free lodging in Julius Bomholt's house for three months with the possibility of extending the stay to up to one year. The old captain's house on Fanö is renovated and fully furnished. Heating bills, electricity, telephone and cleaning are all to be paid by the writer/occupant, who is also responsible for the contents of the house during his stay. Information on Fanö available at : Digterhjemmet,  Landevejen 21, 6720 Fanø, tel. +45 751 640 86

Artist's Residences at Hirsholmene
Hirsholmene is located outside of Frederikshavn in a nature preserve known for its large and varied population of birds. Here the Danish artist's council administrates two residences. Most of the houses on the island are only occupied during the summer months. There are only four year-round residents. The post boat comes three times a week with supplies ordered from Frederikshavn. Members belonging to of any of the organisations affiliated with the Nordic Council of Artists are welcome to apply for residencies of a month or longer. The rent is 2,200 Danish Crowns per month. Applications require that the artist motivate his/her residency and are handled as they come in. Apply to: Dansk Kunstnerråd, Rosenvaengets Allé 37, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ö. Some information about Hirsholmene available at



The Artist's House in Svolvaer
The Artist's House in Svolvaer came about through a donation in the 1930's, by Swedish artist Anna Boberg. In the intervening years the Artist's House has been rebuilt three times and is today owned and administrated by Swedish and Norwegian artist associations. The responsible organization in Sweden is the KRO /Konstnärernas Riksorganisation. The rooms are available to Norwegian and Swedish artists (members of KRO receive first consideration). Artists of other nationalities can, if space is available, rent either a single or a double room for stays of varying duration. Besides these rooms these are toilets/showers, a common kitchen fully furnished, four ateliers and a common room. The rent is 250 Norwegian Crowns per day /person or 1.200 Norwegian Crowns per week from March to September and 800 NOK per week from October - March. Information through Jorunn Larsen, telephone +47 7607 1838.

Artist in Residence Programme West Norway

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Gunnarshus, Reykjavik , Iceland
For more information contact Iceland's Writers' Union (+354) 568 3190



Guest residences and ateliers under the auspices of the Finnish Guild of Artists


Eckerö Post & Tullhus Gästbostad, Eckerö, Åland

Target groups: all areas of the arts.

Address: AX 22270 ECKERÖ, ÅLAND

Contact:  Ålands Landskapsregerings Kulturbyrå

Tel: 018 25 512, e-post:

Åland’s county government provides access to a 50 sq.m. guest residence in the Post and Customs House built on Eckerö during the 1800’s. The apartment is rented out for periods of 1 – 2 months during April – October to working artists in any field, from the Nordic and neighboring regions.

Applications must be received by the 31st of January.


Djurgårdens villa 14, Helsinki

Target groups: all areas of the arts.

Address: Djurgårdsvägen 14, FIN-00530 HELSINGFORS

Contact: Satu Sirén (daily 10.00-16.00)

Tel: 040 730 1098, Fax: 09 723 17 610,

The Culture Centre of Helsinki City provides guest rooms for visiting foreign artists. The residence is located in Djurgårdsviken, close to the centre of the city.

The five rooms are primarily reserved for foreign artists who are realizing projects in Finland. The rooms are meant for living, residents are expected to have working spaces elsewhere. The application is made by the person or organization inviting the artist to work in Finland. The length of stay is open but residents staying for longer periods, several months, are prioritized.

Applications are tended in the order received. Application forms and current rental fees are provided at the following web address:


Fiskars artist’s residence, Fiskars

Target groups: Handcrafts, design, visual arts, literature and research

Contact: Onoma, Residens-arbetsgruppen, Tornursbyggnaden, FIN-10470 FISKARS, FINLAND

Tel: 044 060 0036 (or 019 277 7500) or

The guest residence is maintained by a cooperative of craftsmen, artists and designers. There are two buildings available, one a residence suitable for 1-2 persons and the other in two stories with room for up to four persons. There are working spaces adjacent to the residence.

Residency is reserved for visiting craftsmen, designers, and artists. Culture journalists, authors and researchers are also invited to apply. There is no rental fee charged but guests are expected to pay their own travel costs and to leave a security deposit. Guests are accepted year round and are granted stays of 2-3 months.

Applications are to be made to the residence group (above address) by post and received before 30 September.


Ilola, Kalliopeia, Savonlinna

Target groups: Literature, theatre, dance and music

Address: Ilokallionkatu 13, 57200 SAVONLINNA

Contact: Ilola, Kalliopeia, Ilokallionkatu 13, 57200 SAVONLINNA

Tel: 040 415 7733  e-post:

Ilola provides guest residences with atelier and working spaces in a renovated building that was previously a House of Culture. The building also houses a café and an exhibition hall.

Guest rooms, in the building’s bottom floor, are available during the period between the 15th August and 30th of May unless otherwise agreed, and for stays from 1 – 6 months.

Kalliopeia will answer all inquiries and tend applications.


Kemijärvi taiteilijaresidenssi, Kemijärvi

Target groups: All areas of the arts including visual arts, photography, literature and performing arts.

Contact: Kemijärven kuvanveisto- ja kulttuurisäätiö, PL 37, FIN-98101 KEMIJÄRVI

Tel: 040 579 1644  Fax: 016 812 401

Artist residences are located in the middle of town in a building that used to house a dairy and which the Culture and Arts Foundation of Kemijärvi renovated. The building houses four artist residences and workspaces. Kemijärvi’s traditional week of culture is tied to the activities in the artist residence. The idea is that visiting artists, both foreign and domestic, will contribute to the development of the local art and culture scene.

Periods of residence last generally from one week up to three months. The artist is expected to pay his / her own living costs from stipends or grants awarded in his / her country of residence. Finnish artists can receive help in applying for such funding. International guests can, if necessary, secure a written recommendation.

Applications are accepted year round. Applicants are chosen by the board of  Kemijärven kuvanveisto- ja kulttuurisäätiö.


Kolin Ryynänen, Lieksa

Target groups: Visual arts, architecture, ceramics, textile art, performance, dance, other performing arts, music, literature and criticism

Address: Ylä-Kolintie 2a, FIN-83960 KOLI

Contact: Pohjois-Karjalan taidetoimikunta, Torikatu 36 C, FIN-80100 JOENSUU

Tel: 0400981 479

This guest residence is located in the vicinity of Koli National Park, in the center of the village of Koli. and is administrated by the City Cultural Office of Koli. The living quarters consist of two rooms, bathroom and kitchen. There is additionally a working space, café, and exhibition room as well as sleeping quarters for example for workshop participants.

Applications are welcomed from both Finnish and foreign artists, for stays usually one or two months in duration.  Rent for the residence is 120 € per month.

Last application date for 2009 is 31st March.


Kouluniemi, Kangasniemi

Target groups: Research, literature, photography and others

Address: Suomäentie 69, 51200 KANGASNIEMI

Contact: Kouluniemi, Suomäentie 69, 51200 KANGASNIEMI  Tel: 040 871 2982

The guest residence in the former village school at Puulavesi can be rented by, among others, researchers, and writers. A one room, a two-room and a three-room accommodation is available. Tenants are welcome to take part in centre activities, hang exhibitions or give workshops.

Periods of stay are from 1 - 3 months, either from January to March or from September to November. The rent is 700€ per month and includes access to working space and the common facilities.  

Application forms or information is provided by Kouluniemi on request.


KulttuuriKauppila, Ii

Address: Jokisuuntie 2, FIN-91100 II

Contact: Kulttuurikauppila, Jokisuuntie 2, FIN-91100 II  Tel: 0358 50 3950 313

Atelier and guest residences in the former school in Kauppilaare are available to artists.

The rental period is from 1-6 months. Artists have access to exhibition spaces.

Forms for application can be requested via the web address. Additional information provided by KulttuuriKauppila.


Kulttuuripappila Sylvi, Pieksamäki

Target groups: Visual arts, literature or theater.

Address: Sylvinkuja 1, 76120 PIEKSAMÄKI

Contact: Kulttuuripappila Sylvi, Sylvinkuja 1, 76120 PIEKSAMÄKI, Tel: 044 588 2431


The residence can provide two atelier rooms with separate living quarters. The main building houses a cafe, sauna, exhibition space and a workshop for the production of graphic work. Period of stay is from 15th May to the 3oth of June. The rent is 150€ per working space per month, and for the living space is 160€ / month per person or 300 € per month for families.

Information about applications is provided by Kulttuuripappila Sylvi.


Lossiranta, Tavis, Savonlinna

Address: Aino Acktén puistotie, 57130 SAVONLINNA

Contact: Lossiranta Lodge, Aino Acktén puistotie, 57130 SAVONLINNA,  Tel: 015-511 2323

The artist residence is located in a hotel in the old part of town and consists of bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom, WC and a small terrace. Working periods are from 1 to 3 months and the rent is 790€ per person and month. Rent for working spaces can be negotiated separately. Information requests and applications addressed to Lossiranta.


Lovisa gästateljé, Lovisa

Target groups: All artistic endeavors, even research

Contact: Lovisa gästateljé, Forum, PL 77, FIN-07900 LOVIISA

Jouni Jäppinen, Kipparipuustelli, FIN-07960 AHVENKOSKI

Available for stays from 2 to 6 months. The residence and working spaces are free and there is a stipend attached. Applications must be received before 30th of October. Applications are sent to Lovisa guest atelier (address above).


Majalan taiteilijatalo, Salo

Target group: All areas of the arts

Contact: Salon taidemuseo / Majalan taiteilijaresidenssi, Mariankatu 14, FIN-24240 SALO

Tel: 02-7784892

Majala artist residence consists of two living spaces with attached working spaces. There is also room for visitors, a common kitchen and living room as well as a graphics workshop filling all the standard norms for safety.  Applications are tended continually.  Members of artist guilds or associations have priority.


Oriveden residenssi, Orivesi

Target groups: Literature, visual arts and music.

Address: Oriveden residenssi, Oriveden opisto, Koulutie 5, FIN-35300 ORIVESI

Contact: Oriveden residenssi, Oriveden opisto, Koulutie 5, FIN-35300 ORIVESI

Tel: 050-3833958

Oriveden opisto sports a fully appointed guest residence in the institute’s main building. The resident artist is also given access to two working spaces with other spaces available upon request.

Residencies are generally from 2 weeks to 2 months Part of the living costs are subsidized by the institute.

Applications are considered continually in the form of a letter and a CV sent to the above address.


Raumars, Rauma

Target groups: Visual arts, craft, design, architecture, music, dance, literature and theater.

Address: Raumars – Rauman taiteilijavierasohjelma, Valtakatu 7, FIN-26100 RAUMA

Contact:Raumars – Rauman taiteilijavierasohjelma, Valtakatu 7, FIN-26100 RAUMA

Tel: 02 8387 4700 and 050 331 7465, Fax: 02 8387 4742

The visiting artist has access to a 60m2 living space. Separate working space can be organized when requested. The work period is generally 2 to 4 months. A part time employed producer is also on hand if needed. Applications should be made before the 30th of April. A working plan should also be submitted. Environmental art and installations targeting the community are prioritized.


Saaren kartanon residenssi, Mietoinen

Target groups: All areas of the arts, translation, criticism and research.

Address: Saaren rantatie 21, 23120 MIETOINEN

Contact: Tel: 02 4369 781

This guest residence is in a manor house 30 kilometers from Åbo.

Residencies are available for 2-4 months from January to March and from September to December. Separate working rooms are also available. In addition to the residency,  guests may also be awarded a monthly grant of 1700€ (10% of which is in a pension fund).  Applications must be made before 14th of December.


Salmela Konstcentrum, Mäntyharju

Target groups Visual artists, music and literature

Address: Mäntyharjuntie 25, FIN-52700 MÄNTYHARJU

Contact: Tuomas Hoikkala, Siikaniementie 834, FIN-47810 SELÄNPÄÄ

Tel: 05 387 370, Fax: 05 387 374

 Atelier and living spaces are available in Salmela for up to four artists at any time. The period of stay is from 4 to 8 months. There is no charge for ateliers or guest rooms but artists are expected to pay for their own travel, materials and costs for food and telephone, and to at the end of their residence donate a work to Mäntyhariu Township and to the Salmela art center’s collections. When time permits, the artist may receive help in organizing an exhibition.

 Information requests and applications addressed to Salmela Arts Centre, The Visual Arts Academy and College of Industrial Arts and Design.