Nordic organizations


Suomen Teatterit - The Association of Finnish Theatres (STEFI)
The Association of Finnish Theatres is the organization that watches over the interests of professional theatres and represents the management side in negotiations. Established in 1922, The Association Finland's Theatres' aim is to secure the best working conditions for member theatres and to make possible theatre of high quality in Finland.

Suomen Harrastajateatteriliitto ry - The Finnish Association of Amateur Theatres

This is a nationwide association representing over 550 amateur theatres.
Soumen Elokuvatuottajien Keskusliitto ry - The Central Organization of Finnish Film Producers
This is the central organization of Finnish film producers and is charged with promoting the collective agenda of producers of Finnish film, to watch over their interests in questions related to working conditions, economy and to represent them in negotiations regarding laws and regulations applying to the motion picture industry.

Soumen Elokuvasäätiö - Finnish Film Foundation

The mission of the Finish Film Foundation is to support and develop domestic film production and to facilitate distribution and the screening of films. The Finnish Film Foundation is an independent organization operating in the realm of cultural activities under the Ministry of Education.
The Foundation subsidizes the production of films, supports distribution, subsidizes movie theatres and participation in international activities related to film. In accordance with agreements between the foundation and Ministry of Education, the Foundation also allocates funds to International festivals of importance to the nation as a whole.
The Foundation maintains a central responsibility for the export of Finnish Film
The Foundation owns SES Auditorio Oy, a corporation based in the Foundation's offices in warehouse K-13 on Skatudden in Helsinki, and which operates the building's auditorium, which can be hired by the general public.Oy Yleisradio - YLE Radio
Agreements between The Finnish Dramatists' Union and YLE regulate the use manuscripts, radio plays or sketches on radio and television.

Satu ry - The Association of Independent Producers in Finland
Satu ry is the organization representing the producers of audiovisual materials. They act as a central negotiating organization for the branch and watch over the general interests of these independent producers.

Kopiosto rf - The Copyright Society

Kopiosto is the Finnish copyright organization and represents artists, writers, photographers and performers on a broad front. Kopiosto administers licenses and distributes royalty payments to copyright owners belonging to the 44 member organizations representing all fields of creative work.



Copy and Photocopy organizations

Kopinor is an organization of copyright holders, established in 1980. Kopinor represents all holders of copyright and producers of materials such as books, newspapers, magazines, sheet music and the like. Kopinor's primary agenda consists of, at the behest of its members, to enter into and to sustain equitable agreements with all institutions and activities in Norway involved in photocopying and similar reproduction of copyrighted materials. Kopinor collects payment for photocopying from books, newspapers, magazines, sheet music through agreements with primary schools, secondary schools, institutions of higher education, state, county and township administrations and a number of organizations within the realms of industry, finance, law, accounting etc.

Norwaco is a copyright organization that enters into agreements regarding the secondary use of copyrighted audio or motion picture materials. They collect payments for the use of these materials and distribute them to the copyright holders.

Clara is a website featuring information about rights clearance for copyright-protected material in Norway. The website is operated by the Clara Association, established by the following Norwegian rights management organisations: BONO, FONO, GRAMO, Kopinor, LINO, Norwaco and TONO.