Inuit theatre company Sermeriut:

Sermermiut - Cultural center

The Silamiut Theatre /Silamiut nittartagaannut tikilluarit.

The Silamiut Theatre was established in 1984, and is Greenland's only professional theatre company. Those who started the theatre company were all educated at Tuukkaq Drama College in Denmark.


3900 Pictures

Their first feature film is in post production and we aim for a premiere in
September 2009 in Nuuk. It´s called "Nuummioq".
They are also planning a co-production with the danish company Nimbus Film A/S
this summer, shooting a period film about Nuuk in the 1950´s.

Greenland’s WritersNet - Peqatigiiffik Pillugu

Hans A. Lynge


Tel. +229 32 45 53

Greenland’s WritersNet is a network for Greenland’s writers, both those living on the island and those living abroad. Greenland’s Association of Writers established the network to spread information on Greenlandic writers and their works both within Greenland and to foreign countries.

The Greenland Association of Writers



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