The Nordic Drama Prize to Finland

25-05 2010

The Nordic Drama Prize 2010 went to Finland

Heini Junkkaala is the receiver  of the Nordic Drama Prize 2010 for her play Ten sticks on a board.

Ten sticks on a board was premiered in 2008 at the children and youth theater Ahaa-teatteri in Tampere. With the greatest tenderness and lucidity Ten sticks on a board tell the story of little Anna, grandmother's favorite girl, who dares to step out into the world of magic and drama. During the family's vacation with Grandma in the country Anna succeeds with the help of the game to ward off her parents' divorce. Mr Brackets helps Anna to understand that if one wants to come to a happy ending, one can not skip the difficult moments, but must see the conflict in the face. She has everything to lose, but wins after bravely venturing to play the role of the "protagonist" in the story - and in her own life. The theme of Heini Junkkaala piece is firmly rooted in today's world, but the story slips pleasantly off into the world of game and magic. With a warm humor and recognizable characters, it skillfully builds up the structure so the resourceful language gives the play wings.

Heini Junkkaala (f.1975) is a playwright and dramaturge and lives in Helsinki. She completed master's in theater arts from the Theater Academy in spring 2006 and has studied the indigenous literature at the University of Helsinki. Junkkaala is primarily a playwright who works also as dramaturge and teaches dramaturgy and playwriting. Since 2006, Junkkaala has written eight plays for Finnish theaters. Her latest work 'Bride of Christ " was premiered at the Finnish National Theater in March 2010.