Scriptwriters unplugged!

17-08 2011


Mats Olof Olsson


"CECILIA RODRIGUEZ is a young nun who lives in Havana at the end of the 17th century. She has what today would be termed ”sado-masochistic” sexual fantasies."

Thus begins "The Devil's Whore", a script by writer/director Mats Olof Olsson (SE) which he'll be pitching this Friday as part of New Nordic Films within the framework of The Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund, Norway.

Mats Olof Olsson has made several award-winning shorts and documentaries, among these Pin Up (Best Nordic Short, Best Int. prod. at London Short Film Festival and more), My Uncle Loved the Colour Yellow (Jury special prize in Berlin Film Festival and more.)


Bård Ivar engelsås

Writer/director Bård Ivar Engelsås (NO) will be pitching "Finn Abrahamsen" - a story about  a middle-aged Lieutenant Colonel in the army, who falls in love with a young male colleague, Per Vinje (29). He struggles not only to conceal the relationship from his surroundings and wife, but to come to terms with the truth about his feelings. In a hostile environment, and with a wounded identity, the officer fights to hide the truth, only to risk his newfound love.



Bjørn Ekeberg

Bjørn Ekeberg's (NO) contribution goes by the name "The Golden Spruce" - a mystery thrillerbased on a true story: An icy cold winter night on the wild west coast of Canada. A lone man arrives in a kayak. With a chain saw. His victim: a 20-storey tall Sitka spruce with golden needles. A few days later, Norwegian biologist Sunniva Strøm arrives as a stranger in the devastated local community to do a biopsy of the 300-year-old legendary tree. A mysterious man called Grant Hadwin claims to have felled it in some kind of protest against forestry practices, but disappears without any further explanation.

Searching for answers, Sunniva sets out after him – and begins a perilous journey through the logging community that will change her world-view forever.



Ine Urheim

Danish screenwriter Ine Urheim will pitch "Northern Lights", where a small group of international scientists arrive at an abandoned mountain hotel in Norway to explore the spectacular meteorological phenomenon known as aurora borealis – the northern lights. They bring with them the newest technology in video cameras to study the complex patterns of the fluorescent colour in the sky.
But a storm is coming. Trapped inside the hotel, the group start to wonder if something else might be hiding at this remote place. Suddenly strange glows of light – invisible to the eye – are recorded by their highly advanced cameras. It starts outside, but soon it’s in the dark corridors of the hotel…


Stefan Karlsson
And continuing within the Arctic Circle is Stefan Karlsson's (SE) "Stella Polaris", a big adventure film, set in the stormy waters of the Barents Sea, embracing life and defying death as Stella goes searching for the Red Gold together with the King Crab fishermen of northern Norway. Captains Courageous meets Deadliest Catch!


In short - the cream of the crop will be performing their work unplugged this Friday @ The Scandic Hotel - Meeting Room: Harald Hårfagre 2.