Teddy Bear meets the Russian Bear

10-05 2012

It may not be common knowledge but the Danish avant-garde filmaking movement Dogme 95 with such internationally acclaimed directors as Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg as co-signers reached a large audience in Russia.

Hence it's only natural that the Russian capital hosts a Film Festival devoted to Danish filmmaking: The 2012 Danish Wave Film Festival in Moscow opened last night for the fourth time. The festival is taking place from May 10-15 at the capital’s leading arthouse cinema, Kino 35mm.


“The programme is very good this year - Denmark is one of the strongest film nations worldwide, and Russian distributors have always had eye for Danish films which have contributed to the arthouse culture,” said Alexey Layfurov, who organises the event with the Danish Film Institute and the Danish Embassy in Moscow.

Today Russia is an important market for, among others, Danish director Lars von Trier’s films – and, according to Layfurov  - “when his and his Dogme colleagues’ first movies came out in the late 1990s, there were few arthouse screens in Russia, so they helped create the interest in foreign indie product which is now widely on show”.

After the festival premieres, three of the Danish films will continue on general Russian theatrical release, including Mads Mathiessen's Teddy BearOle Christian Madsen’s Superclásico and Nikolaj Arcel’s A Royal Affair, which won two Silver Bears at the recent Berlin International Film Festival.

Mads Matthiesen and his leading actor in Teddy Bear - Danish international bodybuilder champion Kim Kold – will meet the Russian audiences after the screening.