launching today!

04-10 2011

From Tramteatret's "The Dream of Elin" (1984)

In just a matter of days, "Sceneweb - Norwegian performing arts database" is launched on the site

Sceneweb will be a site to find information about current performances around Norway plus an archive of historical information on professional performing art.

In the spring of 2007, the Norwegian Association for Performing Arts (NAPA) initiated The Sceneweb Project as an ambitious database project. The vision was to create a common place to go when seeking information about Norwegian performing arts, past and present. 

The aims of Sceneweb are to make Sceneweb the leading reference work and information portal for Norwegian performing arts, and to document the activity within the field of independent performing arts in Norway from the 1960'es until now, and make this documentation available. 

Sceneweb is supported by Arts Council Norway, Norsk scenekunstbruk og Norsk teater- og orkesterforening and owned and run by The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA, in Norwegian called Danse- og teatersentrum (DTS).


Contact for further information:

Editor and administrator Elisabeth Leinslie @
Telephone: ( 47) 23100986/( 47) 99167627