Nordic Culture Point application dates

15-01 2010

Nordic Culture Point


Application times for spring 2010

The new application times for Mobility Programme and Culture and Art Programme are now published and follow approximately same rhythm as in the previous years. Residency funding is now also open for applications.  We suggest that those of you who are interested in applying plan your applications carefully and in good time.
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Culture and Art Programme opens also to amateurs

The programme will from now on support both the professionals and the amateurs from all the fields of art and culture. The final criteria and possible restrictions will be published in the beginning of February. The programme got also a new name: Culture and Art Programme.

This is a fundamental change to the program and one that not all agree with.  Until now the Nordic Culture fund has supported the amateurs and the Nordic Culture Point Program was aimed only at professionals. Now both programs are covering all and it remains to be seen if that is for the better or the worse. Certainly with little more money being channelled into the program it is highly questionable whether this is a anything other than a popular move by  the politicians and officials at the top of the hierarchy at the offices of Nordic Council of Ministers in Copenhagen.It simply means that there will be less money for support forprofessional nordic co-projects than before.

We at the NWG feel strongly about this and cannot but wonder how this change took place completely under the radar of all professional artists associations in the Nordic countries.

Anyway, when you are in the mood for reading more about the justifications of this change of policy here is the link

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