Khemiri and the lustful lines

28-11 2011

Jonas Hassen Khemiri


"A playwright who through his or her work demonstrates social and political commitment and interest in Sweden's relations with the outside world."

Such are the requirements for the Henning Mankell Scholarship which was given to Swedish novelist and playwright Jonas Hassen Khemiri today. Khemiri has already reached across the Swedish border to have his plays staged in France, Germany, UK, Norway and USA.

The motivation reads as follows:

Such strong emotions and humane tears;
Such passion for truth and solidarity with victims,
Such stormy ambition and passionate sense of purpose,
Such political commitment and ability to speak with the tongues of others;
These lustful lines
Such intense presence and grave humor;
Such risk-taking pretentiousness and furious consequence,
Such violent creativity and
Such quantities of various artistic expressions
Collected in one and the same artist!

Jonas Hassen Khemiri, born in Sweden in 1978, is the author of two novels and one collection of plays and short stories. His first novel,One Eye Red, received the Boras Tidning award for best literary debut. His second novel, Montecore, won several literary awards including the Swedish Radio Award for best novel of the year. Khemiri has also received the PO Enquist Literary Prize for the most promising young European writer. He currently divides his time between Stockholm and Berlin.

Plays translated into English are Invasion! (2006) and God Times Five (2008).