Greenland film Success

02-02 2010

At Sundance, Greenland's first film basks in critical success

The Greenlandic film Nuummioq has received positive reviews from two of America's most influential entertainment industry publications

By Inge S. Rasmussen

What is billed as Greenland's first full-length feature film continues to reel in the glowing reviews from critics attending the Sundance Film Festival.
This time, it was The Hollywood Reporter that gave high marks to Nuummioq, which it described as "a startlingly accomplished piece of filmmaking", particularly considering many cast members were amateurs.
"Nuummioq calls to mind Ingmar Bergman and other sombre filmmakers from the North Country," Hollywood Reporter wrote. "But it is a movie full of vitality as it captures the rhythms (slow) and speech (limited) of life in a country rarely seen onscreen."
Hollywood Reporter's review comes after Variety called Nuummioq "an engagingly low-key and increasingly contemplative look at a man's journey across land and water to new-found self-awareness".
Lead actor Lars Rosing, as well as directors Otto Rosing and Torben Bech were singled by Hollywood Reporter, as was the communal effort of the film, which it said contributed to make it "the kind of film where you can feel the weight and meaning of a kiss".
Read all of Hollywood Reporter's review and Yahoo News.

Venue: Sundance Film Festival
Production company: 3900 Pictures
Cast: Lars Rosing, Angunnguaq Larsen, Julie Berthelsen, Marius Olsen, Makka Kleist, Amos Egede, Morten Rose, Else Danielsen, Anja Jochimsen
Directors: Otto Rosing, Torben Bech
Producer: Mikisoq Hove Lynge
Writer: Torben Bech
Director of photography: Bo Bilstrup
Production designer: Sabine Hviid
Editors: Henrik Fleischer, Niels Ostenfeld
Music supervisor: Jan De Vroede
Original score: Jan De Vroede
Sales: XYZ Films
No rating, 95 minutes