Debut play nominated for the Ibsen prize

02-09 2010

Debut play nominated for Norway´s most coveted drama prize

Nominees for the Ibsen drama Prize 2011

The young playwright Esben Aukan(picture left) is nominated for the Ibsen drama prize for his debut play Snowhite which premiered at the Bragetheatre in october last year. The other two nominees are the veteran dramatist Kate Pendry and novelist Lars Saabye Christensen.

The Ibsen Drama prize awards the winner 150 000 norwegian kronur and was founded by Nina Sundbye. The jury selected the three favorites from 41 plays that had their premiere in Norway in 2009.

Snowhite is a modern version of the classic adventure story and the jury states that it is a new focus on old material which offers up possibilities to sharp and charming scenes and situations.
The author Aukan is a graduate scriptwriter of the Nowegian Filmschool in Lillehammer and has written scripts to several shortfilms. He says he is shocked to be selected as a potential winner along with such well known writers as Pendry and Christensen. "I grew up reading the novels of Saabye Christensen and Pendry is a very talented dramatist, " he says in an interview on the Norwegian Dramatists homepage,

Pendry is nominated for her play Erasmus Tyrranus Rex. It is a play written for and performed by young people and was premiered at the Unga scenen in May.
The jury says it is a raw and direct answer to the task of writing for young people. It is firmly placed in the classical greek tradition of drama. "My favorite play," says Pendry.

Lars Saabye Christensen is nominated for his play Chet spiller ikke her (Chet doesn´t play here) which was premiered at the National Theatre in Oslo last September. The jury compliments the author for writing a text that first comes to its full live when performed on the stage. "It is a formidable literary achievement," says the jury.