Danish website brings you Theater On Demand

19-03 2012

From the performance 6PLRK? which will air on seeatre.com from April onwards


Ever wanted to go see a play just to find out that you're too late? And that it won't be out on blu-ray or DVD?

A new Danish initiative wants to change that by introducing the concept of theater on demand.

From 16th of April a number of perfomances will be shown on the website seeatre.com - of course by agreement with all of the participating licensees. Danish Writers Guild have signed an agreement with a number of other artists' associations and the team behind seeatre.com to ensure that everyone gets the royalties they're entitled to.

We'll of course keep you posted on this great opportunity to indulge in great theatrical perfomances from out of your own home - but as seeatre.com puts it: "Theater belongs on the stage - seeatre.com is just for those who cannot get enough of it."