A Royal Silver Bear

19-02 2012

From 'A Royal Affair'


Last night, the Danish historical drama 'A Royal Affair' won two Silver Bears at the Berlin Film Festival. One for best actor went to Mikkel Boe Følsgaard for his role as the King Christian VII in 'A Royal Affair', the other for best script written by director Nikolaj Arcel and screenwriter Rasmus Heisterberg.

The film explores new territories for the Danish production company Zentropa (co-owned by Lars von Trier) and revives the historical drama as a genre in Danish film. 

The story centres on the ménage à trois between the King (Følsgaard), his Queen (Alicia Vikander) and the German physician J. F. Struensee (Mads Mikkelsen).
The latter functioned from 1769 onwards as the life physician for the mentally ill king and was the de facto ruler of Denmark until his downfall and macabre execution in 1772. Reasons for the trial and execution were his unconceiled affair with the Queen Caroline Mathilde whose daughter he fathered.

The films premieres in Danish theatres in March.