The inaugural meeting

From the minutes of the inaugural meeting of The Nordic Writers Guild, held at the offices of The Broadcasting Service, Kungsgatan, Stockholm on the 26th of November, 1946:

"The assembled here have decided hereby to build The Nordic Writers Guild. (...) It is furthermore decided that the goal of this Guild will be to work, both independently and through our national member organisations, to further the artistic and economic interests of all Nordic playwrights."

Bildandet av NDU

Photo: Scanpix  From left: Alex Brinchmann , Eric Wennerholm, Hjalmar Gullberg och Johannes Lindskov-Hansen.
"The elected representatives to the board of directors shall be: Hjalmar Gullberg for Sweden, Leck Fischer for Denmark, Alex Brichmann for Norway and Hugo Jalkanen for Finland."

Eleven years later, the 15th of April, 1957, The Nordic Union of Playwrights hold their annual members meeting at The Writers Union of Finland, Runeberginkatu 32C.

NDU 1957
From left:  Marie Munkholm, Johannes Lindskov Hansen, Jarl Louhija, Alex Brinchmann, Eric Wennerholm, Sven Barthel och Huugo Jalkanen.