Annual Meetings

The annual NDU meeting gathers the leaders of each national guild as well as the persons in charge of running of union activities. Questions we return to concern contract negotiations, and Nordic and international cooperation on questions concerning copyright.  Representatives from each country report on the year gone by in their respective country and points of particular interest are discussed.

Some topics at the 2008 meeting were collective agreements with television networks, file sharing, benefits and international cooperation.  Of special interest was a new Finnish law awarding pension benefits to grant recipients and Norway’s new House of Dramatic Writing. NDU meetings might often result in collective statements either to the media or to some institution or governmental body.


Meeting in Lillehammer, Norway

Sanna Lithell, Eli Bangstad, Susanne Godske and Cæcilie Nordgreen.


Meeting in Iceland

images/200x140/mote_isl_liten.jpgPhoto by: Osborn Blandini