Festivals in Scandinavia

This photograph from Køyr (Merge) by Gyrid Axe Øvsteng, festival 2000, photographer unknown


Norsk Dramatikkfestivalen   www.dramatikkfestivalen.no/
The Norwegian Drama Festival is owned and operated by Foreningen Norsk Samtidsdramatikk (The Association for Norwegian Contemporary Drama). Det Norske Teatret hosts the festival and is their closest collaborator. The aims of this organisation are:
To arrange Norsk Dramatikk Festivalen every second year.
To recruit new talents to playwriting
To promote the production of Norwegian plays also outside the context of the festival
To give playwrights professional theatre experience through various types of manuscript production
To create a meeting place and professional forum where playwrights, other theatre professionals and the audience can meet
To cooperate with other organisations pursuing similar objectives in order to further strengthen the developmental possibilities, production and performance of Norwegian dramatic writing.

Picture: Køyr (Merge) by Gyrid Axe Øvsteng, festival 2000 (photographer


THE TAMPERE THEATRE FESTIVAL, www.teatterikesa.fi/in_english/

The Summer Theatre Festival in Tampere is the oldest, largest and most important professional theatre festival in the Nordic countries. International and domestic theatre of the highest quality is presented. Every year a selection of contemporary and engaging theatre productions fills the program, giving the festival visitor a good overview of the current state of the theatre, in Finland and around the world.
The Summer Theatre Festival always takes place in the beginning of August and extends for six days and nights. Performances for all ages are included in the program as are workshops, seminars, discussions and other meetings. It is a perfect meeting place for domestic and international theatre artists to meet and discuss.

Tampere Theatre Festival's future dates:

3-9 August 2009
2-8 August 2010
1-7 August 2011
6-12 August 2012


Hangö Theatre Meeting,  Hangö Teaterträff, www.hangoteatertraff.org/english.html

is a small-scaled and informal theatre festival on the southernmost point of Finland. It is an encounter for the professional Swedish-speaking theatres and free groups in Finland, with Finnish and international guests every year. About 30 shows are given during four days in garages, storehouses, parks, tents, and other unconventional theatre spaces. The audience can choose between children's theatre, drama, comedy, theatre for young people, music theatre, dance, improvisation and workshops.

Hangö Teaterträff is Finland's largest Swedish language theatre festival. In the beginning of June every year, audiences and theatre artists gather in the beautiful pre-summer Hangö environs to see the best performances of the year and to discuss and plan the development of Swedish language theatre arts in Finland. The Hangö Teaterträff is a vibrant encounter between independent groups and theatre institutions, academy students and established actors, critics, artistic directors, dramaturges and more. Above all, it is a unique meeting between the theatre and its audience in all forms. 

The 18th Hangö Teaterträff will take place 4-7.6.2009. The program is presented in Swedish on this site before the end of April.



The Swedish Theatre Biennial in Borås,  http://www.teaterunionen.se/english.htm 


Hangö Theatre Meeting


Norsk Dramatikk Festival

Jeg er ikke slik av Ellisiv Lindkvist, 2007-festivalen

images/200x140/festival_liten.jpgPhoto by: Leif Gabrielsen

The Swedish Theatre Biennial in Borås