Collective agreements


The Icelandic Dramatists´ Union

The Icelandic Dramatists´ Union is the authorized party to make framework
agreements with all theatres in Iceland, professional- and amateur theatres
alike. The Icelandic Dramatists´ Union jointly with The Writers' Union of
Iceland makes other agreements, i. e. with The Icelandic Public Radio- and
Television Services and also privately owned radio- and television stations.


Activities and agreements negotiated by the Finnish Dramatists Union

Agreements pertaining to the performing rights for dramatic works
Agreements pertaining to the commission of new dramatic works
Agreements between The Finnish Dramatist's Union and the Finnish Association of Theatres establishing minimum rates for royalty payment per performance
General directives for the theatre (teateravtalet).

Radio, television and film
Agreement with YLE Radio
Royalty payments for dramatic works performed on radio
Royalty payments for dramatic works performed on television
Agreements with independent television producers
General directives for contracts regarding television manuscripts
Contractal agreements for television writers
General directive for contracts regarding film manuscripts
Contracts regulating manuscript options


The theatre, film and television branches have gone through numerous changes over the past years. This has put our negotiated collective agreements under a great deal of stress.  An aim central to the work of The Norwegian Playwrights' Association is to protect copyright and to advance the economic and artistic interests of our authors.

Collective agreement for the film industry, This contractual framework on the behalf of the Norwegian Authors' Union, Norwegian Union of Authors of Books for Children and Youth, The Norwegian Playwrights' Association (NDF) and The Association of Norwegian Film and Television Producers (NFTVPF), regulates the transfer of film, production and performance rights from the author to the producer.

NRK, TV, This is the collective framework for television. During 2001 the old NRK agreement, which at the time regulated both television and radio, was cancelled. A new collective agreement was negotiated in 2006 but applies only to television. There is at present no collective agreement for radio.

Collective agreement for the theatre, Collective agreement between The Association of Norwegian Theatres and Orchestras (NTO) and The Norwegian Playwrights' Association stipulating general regulations for contractual agreements between playwrights and theatres.

NRK, DAB, DAB agreement between NKR and the author organizations representing writers of literary works

NRK, Super, A time limited agreement between NRK on the one side and The Norwegian Playwrights Association, The Norwegian Authors Union, The Norwegian Union of Authors of Books for Children and Youth, The Norwegian Union of Translators on the other.

All agreements can be found on the website Collective agreements can also be found in English translation.


Every member of The Swedish Playwrights’ Union is covered by the collective agreements negotiated by the Union. The Union negotiates agreements concerning dramatic writing for the stage, for radio, television and film.

In the field of theatre, the Union’s agreements are negotiated with the organization, Swedish Performing Arts. All of the Swedish state and municipal theatres are included in these agreements when they produce plays or translations of plays written by Union members. The agreement specifies tariffs for work according to the extent and the length in time that the production rights are granted. There are specific rules for musical theatre, rough manuscripts and short plays. Translations are also included in collective agreements.

For The Radio Theatre, agreements are made between our Union and The Employers Association of Swedish Public Broadcasting Companies (SRAO). These cover all types of radio drama. The Swedish Public Radio uses it’s own contract. The agreement specifies tariffs based on running time, which are divided into compensation for the manuscript production and compensation for play on the radio. Translations, adaptations and sketches have their own tariffs and regulations. The use of radio drama in other media is also regulated in these agreements.

Likewise, negotiations with The Employers Association of Swedish Public Broadcasting Companies (SRAO) regulate the use of scripts by Union members in all Swedish National Television production including Utbildnings Radio (educational television).  Compensation is regulated through minimum tariffs and take in factors such as series inclusion. The basic compensation concerns script production only, with added compensation for a license period of thirty days. During this thirty-day license period, the Swedish Television enjoys unlimited use of the work on all its platforms and websites. There are additional regulations concerning compensation in the event of re-sale to other channels or countries.

MIA, The Swedish Media Employer’s Association, negotiate with the Union of Playwrights the so called MIA agreement, stipulating contractual terms for our members who write for commercial channels TV4 and Channel Five. At the moment there is no valid agreement between the parts, the previous agreement having been nullified, but new contract negotiations are underway. For the present we are conducting individual negotiations for all members writing contracts with MIA.

The TV4 agreement regulates contracts between members and TV4 concerning programs aired on their channels. This agreement includes compensation for airing in the form of a license period including the public airing of short segments. Compensation for manuscript production is not part of the TV4 agreement but is regulated in contract with the program’s producer.



Feature Films

Agreement between the Organization of Danish Film Producers and The Danish Playwrights’ and Screenwriters’ Guild (Danske Dramatikere).

Standard contract can be downloaded at

Short features

Collective agreements between The Danish Actors’ Guild, The Danish Directors’ Union, The Danish Playwrights’ and Screenwriters’ Guild regulating productions funded by the organization Novellefilm.


Collective agreement between The Danish Playwrights’ and Screenwriters’ Guild and  Det Kongelige Teater, Odense Teater, Århus Teater , Ålborg Teater

Collective agreement between the Organization of Childrens’ Theatres (Børneteatersammenslutning) The League of Small Theatres Foreningen av små Teatre and The Danish Playwrights and Screenwriters’ Guild

Amateur Theatre

Compensation scale for amateur theatre productions

Music Theatre

Minimum tariffs and a manual for composers and librettists

All these agreements and compensation tables are available on The Danish Playwrights and Screenwriters’ Guild website at


NDU-meeting in Iceland

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