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A magazine for the theatre arts. The most exciting theatre artists, the best performances, reviews, opinions, news, trends, current topics and complete listings of openings and repertoires of all the theatres in Finland.



Replikker is the official magazine of the DDF (Danske Dramatikere) and comes out twice a year in a printed edition of 500-1000 copies.

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Denmark's only magazine for theatre, dance and music. Published five times a year. The mission is to stride forward in areas where the daily papers merely stumble. Each issue is organized around a theme, e.g. "Theatre and Psychology", "The Actor", Theatre Reform". The idea is to illuminate an issue from various angles.
Each issue contains background articles, interviews, commentary and news from the theatre community.


EKKO is a magazine about film and media. Here you can keep up to date on new movies, read interviews with directors and other filmmakers and get the low-down on future media trends. Ekko is for people working with live pictures or those who just want to learn more about the media that surrounds us and helps to shape our lives.
Every article in EKKO is written by scholars, educators, filmmakers or journalists.

EKKO is published five times a year and can be purchased in 232 convenience stores, bookstores and movie theaters across the country - from Skagen to Rodby and from Svaneke to Nørre Nebel.

On you can find selected articles from the magazine, news, interviews and reviews.



The Swedish Playwrights' Union's own magazine, Medlidande & Fruktan, is published two times a year and distributed to all Union members. It is also possible for non-members to subscribe to the magazine. Contact the offices of the Swedish Playwrights' Union - the cost including postage is 90 SEK per year.



Norsk Shakespeare- og teatertidsskrift


Rushprint (Norsk Filmforbund)


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